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Digital Signal Processing

We provode academic projects and integrated training in Digital Signal Processing.Placement Oriented Courses are also offered.We have experts in MATLAB based signal processing, specialized in Neural Network,Genetic Toolbox,Fuzzy toolbox,Wavelet toolbox,Image proceesing ,Power systems ,Simulink etc

Technologies we provide
Image Processing
Artificial Intelligenc


  • A New Experimental Approach Using Image Processing Based Tracking for an Efficient Fault Diagnosis in Pantograph-Catenary Systems.
  • Digital Image Processing Techniques for Estimating Power Released from the Corona Discharges
  • A robust forgery detection algorithm for object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting
  • Image Forgery Localization via Integrating Tampering Possibility Maps
  • Duo Hide: a Secure System for Hiding Multimedia Files in Dual RGB Cover Images
  • Optical Character Recognition using Back Propagation Neural Network
  • Implementation Of Virtual Fitting Room Using Image Processing
  • Detection and Classification of Bleeding UsingStatistical Color Features for Wireless CapsuleEndoscopy Images
  • An Image-Based Approach to Detection of Fake Coins
  • Age estimation in facial images using histogram equalization
  • Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition
  • Context model based edge preservation filter for impulse noise removal
  • DNA Image Encryption Using Modified Symmetric Key (MSK)
  • An Approach to Detect Bone Tumour Using
  • Comparative Analysis of Segmentation
  • TechniqueColor Retinal Image Enhancement Based on Luminosity and Contrast Adjustment Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using Fuzzy Segmentation Approach and Artificial Neural Network Classifier Respectively
  • The Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition
  • Haze Removal using the Difference-Structure-Preservation Prior
  • Face Spoofing Detection Using Colour Texture Analysis
  • Towards Detection of Bus Driver Fatigue Based on Robust Visual Analysis of Eye State
  • Melanoma Classification on Dermoscopy Images using a Neural Network Ensemble Model
  • Combining cryptography and digital watermarking for secured transmission of medical images
  • Implementation of DNA cryptography in cloud computing and using socketProgramming
  • Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation
  • A driver fatigue detection method based on multi-sensor signals
  • An Improved Image Steganography Technique based on MSB using Bit Differencing
  • Hybrid Technique for Steganography-based on DNA with N-Bits Binary Coding Rule
  • Robust Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
  • Image steganography using enhanced LSB substitution technique
  • Single image dehazing via multi-scale Gradient domain contrast enhancement
  • PData Security using RSA Encryption Combinedwith Image Steganography
  • Real-Time Speech Emotion Recognition by Minimum Number of Features
  • Aging Face Recognition: A Hierarchical Learning Model Based on Local Patterns Selection
  • A Secure Image Steganography Based on RSA Algorithm and Hash-LSB Technique
  • A Morphological Mean Filter for Impulse Noise Removal
  • A Decomposition Framework for Image Denoising Algorithms
  • Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive over Segmentation and Feature Point Matching
  • Speech Emotion Recognition Using Fourier Parameters
  • Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
  • Image Denoising by Exploring external and Internal Correlations
  • A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm
  • Using Color Attenuation PriorAutomatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Features of Salient Facial PatchesImplementation of Dual Security through DSA and Audio Steganography
  • An Enhanced LSB Steganography Algorithm for Data Hiding
  • Face Spoof Detection with Image
  • Distortion AnalysisFace Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and PoseMulti-task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Salient Region Detection via Integrating
  • Diffusion-Based Compactness and Local ContrastImage Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Oversegmentation and Feature Point Matching
  • PicWords: Creating Pictures by its keywords
  • Enhancement of Security Mechanism for Confidential Data using AES-128, 192 and 256bit Encryption in Cloud
  • Automatic Face Naming by Learning Discriminative Affinity Matrices From Weakly Labeled Images
  • Audio Watermarking Based on Fibonacci Numbers
  • Minutiae Based Fingerprint Matching Techniques
  • Offline Text-Independent Writer Identification Based on Scale Invariant Feature Transform
  • A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations
  • Mixed Noise Removal by Weighted Encoding With Sparse Nonlocal Regularization
  • Joint Segmentation and Recognition of Categorized Objects From Noisy Web Image Collection
  • Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images With
  • Image Fusion and Recursive FilteringEffective Contrast-Based Dehazing for Robust Image Matching
  • A Real Time Approach for Secure Text Transmission by using Video Cryptography
  • A novel Retinex based approach for image enhancement with illumination adjustment
  • Classification of Retinal Image for automatic Cataract Detection
  • Smart Web Cam Motion Detection Surveillance System
  • ECG Signal Denoising Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition and Moving Average Filter
  • Hybrid Digital Image Watermarking Technique for Data Hiding
  • Thrombo – Embolic stroke prediction and diagnosis using artificial neural network and genetic algorithm
  • A New Human Identification Method:
  • Sclera Recognition